Boat Smallmouth Bass

The Smallmouth Bass is known for its fighting strength and stamina when being caught, Possibly the strongest fish, pound for pound, in Lake Erie. He is well known for his bull dog bottom hugging fight and also explosive leaps from the surface in an effort to throw the hook. In the past five years the Smallmouth Bass has become so plentiful in Lake Erie the lake is now being called "The Smallmouth Bass Capital of the World". Smallmouth Bass taken from the clean waters of Lake Erie make very good eating. Many sport fishermen, however prefer catch and release to help preserve this excellent fishery.

Boat Fishing for Smallmouth Bass on Lake Erie can be done by either slow drifting or Anchoring the boat using a Carolina rig, drop shot rig, or lead head jig baited with various live baits or rubber baits. Best times to catch Smallmouth Bass are June to mid-July and late August thru October. Fall fishing for Smallmouth Bass in Canadian waters can be a special treat.

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